Alumni Association

Several prominent and illustrious graduates have served as office bearers for the DVSIET Alumni Association.The significance of the Association in building strong bonds between the student body, the organization, and its alumni is still active today. The DVSIET Alumni Association takes its role as "connectors" and thought leaders very seriously, and to that end, it not only hosts public forums to raise public awareness and debate on important issues, but it also runs various programs and initiatives aimed at the development and welfare of undergraduates and its members.


Dewan VS Institute of Engineering and Technology seeks to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with its alumni and other social groups.


The Alumni Association's objective is to establish communication channels between the organization and its alumni, as well as to provide them with the best possible career guidance and counselling. The Alumni Association is also eager to give graduates with the appropriate training so that they may actively respond to job market demands. The association creates means to keep alumni in touch with the organization on the one hand, and regional and local community institutions on the other.

Mr. Sajal Goel (President)

"It will be a privilege to serve as President of DVSIET.I will be standing on the shoulders of a long line of committed alumni presidents and boards of directors. I appreciate the assistance and support of the new officers, each of whom contributes unique skills and abilities to our organization. Our Alumni Association's aim and commitment remain the same: to keep our alumni connected , as well as to help students who will become future Engineers. As we move forward, our goal will be to build on old traditions, create new ones, and refocus our efforts to build on a strong history and foundation. Many graduates are already involved on a variety of levels, donating their time, talent, and wealth. Your contributions are significant and beneficial in both large and small ways. As alumni, we are an important part of this institution's fabric, and your support and participation are more important than ever as we embark on this new chapter in our organization’s history."

"The DVSIET Alumni Association was created to encourage the development of a strong bond amongst our young and promising alumni. Our illustrious Alumni have made us proud by receiving acclaim from all corners of the globe. We believe that by maintaining regular contact with us in a variety of productive and effective ways, we can grow and enhance connectivity, which will help to develop and encourage a sense of affiliation to the Alma Mater among alumni, ultimately accelerating the growth and improving the well-being of young people around the world. Your suggestions and ideas are welcome. Stay Involved and Connected!!"

Mr. Tarun Joshi
(Vice President)
Mr.Shivam Tiwari (Secretary)

I consider it an honour to serve as Secretary of DVSIET Alumni Association.The Association's main goals are to foster close ties between the organization and its alumni, to ensure that programs are initiated and developed for the benefit of both the Alumni and the organization, and to assist the organization in its growth and pursuit of academic excellence.

Executive Committee

Mr. Sajal Goel (President)

Mr. Tarun Joshi (Vice President)

Mr. Shivam Tiwari (Secretary)

Mr. Gagan Gautam (Asst. Secretary)

Mr. Gaurav Sonkar (Treasurer)

Mr. Jatin Kumar (Asst. Treasurer)

Members : Ms. Kajal Kumari, Mr. Gaurav Kumar Singh, Ms. Preeti Upadhay, Mr. Shubham Sharma

DVSIET Alumni Motivational Talk

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