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Director’s Message DVSIET


Dr. S.B.Gupta – Director DVSIET
M.Tech, PhD – Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore

As the need for qualified, skilled employees by business and industry continues to expand globally, we are proud that the Dewan V.S. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India has become a key training and retraining resource for companies in need of capable employees. Dewan V.S. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Meerut has a dream to make India a world leader in providing quality educationparticularly in technology.

We can do it through hard work, honesty, perseverance and mutual cooperation. The faculty and staff of our institute will carefully guide the gifted student and create an atmosphere i.e. conducive to scholastic thinking, which will make all of us a special class of professionals in the society. Our aim is to produce knowledgeable and efficient persons by providing rigorous high quality education so that they will make a profound and lasting contribution to the nation.

We now to prepare the young students of Urban and Rural background hailing from varying culture to face the challenges of the modern world of knowledge to contribute to the developing needs of an egalitarian society.

Our mission is to provide such an atmosphere to the student which is beneficial to growing and maturing in all fields having knowledge and the ability for analytical thinking so that they are able to face the technological and ethical changes in this fast moving world.

The vision and confidence continually shown to us that the Dewan V.S. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India will enter the new millennium as the dominant technical training provider for our country’s businesses and industries. The workforce development concept will revolutionize the way employees are trained and retrained. As a result, businesses and industries throughout the country will continue to benefit in the form of greater profitability, enhanced quality control, and reduced expenses associated with hiring and training practices. India’s workforce, as companies expand job opportunities and pay scales in an effort to attract “technology literate” workers; and the people of India will continue to benefit from Dewan V.S. Institute of Engineering & Technology’s mission to improve the lives of individual Indian, the Indian family, and their local community. This is truly an exciting time for us and for the India.

We are graceful to make tremendous strides in the 21stCentury, and we invite you to join us on our journey as we move forward into the age of unparalleled training excellence.

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