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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer is the core field of engineering so there scope and job market is always evergreen. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is dedicated to educating the next generation of engineers who go on to become leaders in their professions. B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering at DVSIET offers strong foundations in mathematics and science, vital research & design experience and opportunities to develop leadership skills. We prepare our students to be globally competitive. On one hand, it provides the basic working knowledge of the production and properties of different material used in the industry. On the other hand, it explains the use of different tools, equipment, machinery and techniques of manufacturing, which ultimately facilitate shaping of these materials into various usable forms. Thus it not only provides a good theoretical background but also gives a sound practical outlook to a student working in various shop like carpentry fitting, welding, black smithy, sheet metal, machine & foundry shops.

Thus to train Mechanical Engineer in the planning, design, operation, management and maintenance relating to the assembly and use of machines and other mechanical equipment and devices the department has following well set laboratories:

Labs/Infrastructure @ mechanical engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering has following well-equipped labs –

Engineering Mechanics Lab Computer Aided Drawing Lab
Workshop Lab Fluid Mechanics Lab
Thermodynamics Lab Material Science & testing Lab
Measurement & Instrumentations Lab Machine Drawing – I Lab
Machine Drawing – II Lab Fluid Machinery Lab
Heat and Mar transfer Lab Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab
Automobile & I/C Engine Lab Machine Design – I Lab
Machine Design – II Lab