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Department of Electronics

Electronics & Communication Engineering and Electronics & Instrumentation EngineeringThe major driving force for the present day Information Technology revolution is the development in Electronics Engineering. Penetration of electronics has now revolutionaries other areas like health care, instrumentation, automation, remote sensing, signal processing etc. Knowledge of computer hardware, networking equipment and communication systems enables electronics engineering graduate helped them to annex an edge in the IT job market. The skills and understanding developed in the course enable them to be preferred, as software professionals by IT companies. The department encourages students to work on projects in thirst areas that include Robotics, Image Processing, Microcontroller based projects.Electronic Engineers have opportunities in Government and Private companies for installation, operation and maintenance of electronics equipment and systems. Defense, space and other large research organizations employ electronics engineers in design and development of complex devices and systems for signal processing and telecommunication. Industries involved in design and fabrication of devices, integrated circuits, embedded systems, electronic equipment etc have also provided large scale placements for engineers with this specialization.

Installation and maintenance of electronic equipment used for health care in hospitals, equipment & systems for instrumentation and control in process industries automation systems of assembly line in production industries, etc are also handled by electronics engineers.

Labs/Infrastructure @ Electronics Engineering

Department of electronics has following well-equipped labs –

Microprocessor & Micro Controller Lab Transducer and Telemetry Lab
A.I.C. Lab Control Systems Lab
 Microwave & Optical Lab  Electronics CAD Lab
 Electronics Engineering Lab  Electronics Lab
 Electronic Workshop & PCB Lab  Network Lab
 Electronics Measuring Lab  Digital Electronics Lab
 Energy Conversion Lab  PCB Lab
 Electronic Devices Lab