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Department of Computer Science

Computer Systems have become a way of life in modern day activities. Professionals in diverse fields are increasingly adopting the use of Computer Science to enhance productivity and effectiveness in their organizations to meet the challenges of digital age. Today’s technological advancements require technology professionals who can help companies to administer their system networks and databases. More importantly these companies need professionals to help their computer users to do their job without having to know how the internals of computers work.The department faculty prepares students to be those technology professionals who can help to administer computer systems, manage a network of computers, design and develop Web pages, troubleshoot network security problems, and oversee the physical connectivity of internet or intranet connections.One of the strengths of department of computer science and information technology is the fact that it offers small class sizes in a computer laboratory that provides an interactive approach to learning programming concepts.

Department of Computer Science has following well-equipped labs –

Computer Programming Lab Distributed Systems Lab
Computer Graphics Lab OOPS with C++ Lab
Data Structure Lab Artificial Intelligence Lab
Computer Networks Lab Digital Image Processing Lab
Digital Design Lab Compiler Design Lab
Software Engineering Lab Software Project Management Lab
Mini Project Lab Object Oriented Techniques Lab
Discrete Structures Lab Operating Systems Lab
Web Technology Lab Numerical Techniques
Data Base Management Systems Lab Project Lab
Advance Programming Lab